the comeback highway

On the esplanade of the Zocalo, the fifty boxes were oriented to simulate a highway from Los Angeles to Distrito Federal. Thirteen road signs of various cities were set on the highway, making it possible to read the distance to the neighboring cities. Four people from DF helped mix the cement, and fill the boxes in an attempt to create a communication path between the cities. Marcos Erre walked from Tijuana to Mexico City, and the four DF citizens walked to Los Angeles on the fresh cement. Erre walked back his family’s path, while four native DF metaphorically returned to Aztlan. The piece’s result was cement boxes that resembled pre-Columbian codex with the feet trail representing movement. After these five journeys, the art piece was opened for public’s interaction in tracing their own returns.
Installation/action that consists of fifty wooden boxes manufactured in Tijuana for the exhibition route DF/Tijuas organized by the Ex Teresa museum.