Love as a first language

Installation originally exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, which consists of four, parts divided over two rooms and the museum’s external esplanade.
The exhibition originated as a response to a bill proposed to the Congress of the State of California. The bill intended to eliminate Spanish education for children of Hispanic-American origin, for whom Spanish is their primary language. This sparked a battle between various sectors of the Californian population, both sides formed different civic organizations that discussed the feasibility, as well as the ethical, and legal foundation of the proposed measure.
It was decided for this specific exhibition to develop a series of works, designed to comment the issue very deeply. A children’s book of history was created, such that it had a different version of the creation of the world, and mankind. The story was printed in a small brochure and the text was made available to the people who attended the exhibition.
The sculptures were, the materialization of a few episodes of history, and of two of the main characters in the story, “Acorazado” and “SingSing”.” Love As First Language” tried, through a story and a series of sculptures, to bring attention to the problems between different cultures and groups of people; including the lack of tolerance, and understanding of the reality of others. Additionally, it brings attention to the inability to solve our own problems, using love as a premise.