The Multiplication of bread

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In the exhibition space, missiles hang from the ceiling – in considerable quantities- over the surface. The missiles are loafs of bread with an ambiguous appearance. These apparent bombs/baguettes hanging from the ceiling form a cloud that threatens to “rain” over the rectangle. Next to the carpet’s two farthest corners, is a pair of light boxes, one on each side. Each box consists of two elements. On top each light box there is an image of a person’s eyes, the eyes of an American boy in one box, and those of an Afghan girl in the other. Under the eyes there is a text printed in the form of an optometric eye chart, with a quote from a famous or important person. Each quote questions the effectiveness of war as a method to solve problems between different countries and cultures.
This installation consists of an Oriental rug that forms a rectangular surface on the floor at the center of the exhibition space. On top of it, there is a model of a city in ruins, covered by a layer of sand, leaving uncovered only a few areas and edges of the rug.